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Why Salesdrive?

Effortless Sales Automation with Salesdrive

Life Insurance is a complex product and requires explanation and human-handholding. That is why non-digital, agents-driven distribution channels still contribute over 90% of the sales for traditional plans. Salesdrive a definitive insurance software which aims to enhance the productivity of the agents, which in turn means improved profitability of your company.

- Features of Salesdrive -

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One app, all sales channels

Be it Online, Direct Marketing or Agency, we help you configure all your sales channels to use one single app

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Manage Roles and Privileges

Functionalities and modules can be defined for specific group of users to avoid redundancy

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Active Task Assistant

Think of it as a dedicated assistant for your sales users to notify them about necessary actions and track key metrics

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Designed around data

Data is blood for your business and Salesdrive emphasises this with comprehensive and meaningful dashboards

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Offline data entry

Given the inconsistent connectivity, with Salesdrive you can capture customer information even without internet and defer server sync for later

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Modern day user experience

If it looks good, it will be used. We follow this philosophy to deliver excellent user experience across all devices of access

- Benefits -

An insurance agency software that boosts work productivity of your sales teams and also saves time

Less Interfaces

Your sales team will no longer need 8 different types of applications to conduct their business. They need only one app to manage all sales processes

Reduced Silos

Silos of information between channels and operations are often counter-productive. A unified platform like Salesdrive ensures that all parties are on the same page, always

Speed to Market

A single regulator-enforced enhancement across all assets can take months to be rolled-up. With Salesdrive, such enhancements can be applied once, and rolled-out for all

Reduced IT cost

Enhancing and maintaining multiple applications takes time and extensive budget. We help in keeping costs under control given that it’s a single asset that has to be managed

More Sales Focus and Improved Productivity

Sales team has to learn and use a single application, which allows them to focus more on the activities and less on “how-to”

End-to-end coverage of sales lifecycle

Manage leads, sales activities, customer on-boarding, renewals, recruitments, rewards, and servicing through one single platform, with Salesdrive


Lead Management

Create leads, allocate it to sales team members on
the go, 
check their updates, track the history of activities on
the lead and receive day-end reports

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Campaign Management

Define sources for leads and opportunities, track and compare the periodic volume, connection and conversion ratio, without needing a spreadsheet

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Customer On-boarding

Define sources for leads and opportunities, track and compare the periodic volume, connection and conversion ratio, without needing a spreadsheet. The definitive customer management software you can rely on.

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Agent On-boarding

Show candidates business opportunity presentations, success stories,
and capture education, employment history details 
document and a customised personality test

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Live Dashboard

Define sources for leads and opportunities, track and
the periodic volume, connection and conversion ratio, without needing a spreadsheet

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Rewards and Recognition

Drive your channel’s end-of-the-month numbers with sales contests and communicate contests’ targets and rewards to the last-like user without wasting precious time

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Don’t direct your esteemed customers to a branch
or call center, 
but help them capture service requests
right from Salesdrive. 
Works for members self-
service as well

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Sales Pitch

Show your prospects presentations, testimonials
and with a specialized recommendation engine
plans tailor made as per customers
profile. All of this from a single place

Meet Our Team

Easwar Murty

Easwar Murthy

Founder, CEO

Ex. ICICI Prudential, Reliance


Himanshu Gupta

Co-founder, COO

Ex. Interpublic Group, Reliance

Abhishek Srivastava

Abhishek Srivastava

Growth Head


Sudeep Makwana

Sudeep Makwana

Tech Lead


Core Team


Usama Khan

JS Developer

Shoeib Khan

JS Developer
Salman shaikh

Salman Shaikh

JS Developer

Ashraf Khan

JS Developer

Kaushik Sojitra

Native App Developer




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